Server Serpent

the big snaker

You requested the server serpent, the snakeyboi, the big snaker. The connection was made. Yet it will take it's time to load, to travel. Loading takes time because content always travels a distance. And so does the server serpent. Beginning in north America it slithers through submarine cables to the north east. Emerging from the cold waters of the north atlantic ocean it passes Iceland only to turn southeast and glide back into the sea again. Landing at europes shore it continues, crossing the continents heart, miles of landmasses and different waters. After it leaves first europe, then the asian continent behind, it surfaces at the beaches of Australia again. From there it heads to the west coast of north america to chase across a whole country after its own tail. This specfic point, where head and tail meet is this very site you are spectating right now. The serpent only follows requests. It lies and waits on servers all around the globe. It doesn't call the servers nor the cables connecting them its home for it does not own them but merely passing trough them. It only lives in connection. It is connection. Once requested it spans around the globe yet it's nothing more than some files, some code, bytes, electric current, light. If it ever disconnects it's a sign that a world might end.

Sightings of the serpent

...please be patient while the map loads...